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Motion: Greyhound Racing

April 11, 2024

The Hon. T.A. FRANKS: I move: That this council— 1. Notes: (a) the 86 recommendations arising from the extremely critical findings of the Ashton Independent Inquiry into the Governance of the Greyhound Racing Industry report; (b) the consequent December 2023 pledge by the Malinauskas...

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Motion: Parliament (Joint Services) (Clerks) Amendment Bill

March 22, 2024

The Hon. T.A. FRANKS: Obtained leave and introduced a bill for an act to amend the Parliament (Joint Services) Act 1985 and to make a related amendment to the Constitution Act 1934. Read a first time. Second Reading The Hon. T.A. FRANKS: I move:...

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Motion: Green Space for Kent Town

March 07, 2024

The Hon. T.A. FRANKS: I move: That this council— 1. Notes that Kent Town is the only suburb in the Norwood Payneham St Peters council with no green space available to the public; 2. Recognises that Kent Town residents' access to the adjacent Adelaide...

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Motion: Assange

February 22, 2024

The Hon. T.A. FRANKS: I move: That this council— 1. Notes that— (a) on 20 and 21 February 2024, the High Court of Justice in the United Kingdom will hold a hearing into whether Walkley Award winning journalist, Mr Julian Assange, can appeal against...

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Motion: Fossil Fuels

February 22, 2024

The Hon. T.A. FRANKS: I move That this council— 1. Acknowledges that fossil fuel combustion is the primary driver of global heating and climate change, which is threatening the lives, livelihoods and health of people across the globe; 2. Notes the petition by Fossil...

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Motion: Adelaide University Bill

November 01, 2023

The Hon. T.A. FRANKS (17:24): I have heard over and over again in this debate, which is calling for the release of the business case, that the only information that has been kept from us as a parliament is that which is commercially sensitive material...

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Motion: Israel/Hamas

October 20, 2023

That this council— 1. Unequivocally condemns the attacks on Israel by Hamas, which are the heinous acts of terrorists, and have encompassed the targeting and murder of civilians, including women and children, the taking of hostages and indiscriminate rocket fire; 2. Stands with Israel...

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Motion: CFS Facilities Audit

October 18, 2023

That this council—1. Acknowledges that the Bureau of Meteorology has formally declared an El Niño weather event and that risk of a significant fire danger season is higher following an El Niño year;2. Notes that some South Australian Country Fire Service stations are currently...

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Motion: Retirement of Stephen Wade

September 28, 2023

The Hon. T.A. FRANKS: I rise with some sadness because I had a great fondness for the former honourable Stephen Wade, who will continue to be honourable. Every departure from this place has an impact. It is a very intimate chamber of 22 of us,...

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