Hundreds of thousands of pigs in Australia are confined to sow stalls: tiny barren crates that are so small that they cannot turn. That’s why the Greens have introduced legislation to ban the use of sow stalls and gestation crates, in line with a voluntary industry phase out.

There are approximately 2,000 sex workers currently operating in our state, many of whom work privately and are not employed by what is known as a brothel.

This is not the first attempt in this parliament at decriminalising sex work, dating back to the 1980s. Despite this, however, we still have a situation in South Australia where we have the most archaic and the oldest sex work laws in the country.


The Greens believe that no-one should be discriminated against based on their gender or sexuality. That’s why we’re seeking full equality for LGBTIQ Australians under the law.


While many countries including Belgium, Canada, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal and parts of the United States have legalised medical cannabis, Australia lags behind.


In 2015 the SA Greens will introduce animal shelter reforms to bring smart sheltering to SA. The aim of the reforms will be to ensure that more companion animals are able to be saved.


Australian consumers are backing better animal welfare practices and truth in free-range egg labelling.


2015 can and should be the year that South Australia dumps the jumps.


The South Australian Greens have been actively campaigning for funding for a new central city skate space. Our city skating community deserve a facility that will stand the test of time, not a temporary facility that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.


The Greens have called for an inquiry into the greyhound racing industry in South Australia. So far, the true number of greyhounds raced, retired, re-homed and euthanized in SA are not disclosed because Greyhound Racing SA is refusing to release the statistics. An inquiry will ensure these figures are made public


The Greens have recently introduced the Liquor Licensing (Small Venue Licence) Amendment Bill 2016. The Bill intends to effect the extension of the small venue liquor licence commonly called the 'small bars' licence, which caters for venues with less than 120 patrons and reduces 'red tape') to reach beyond the currently prescribed area of the CBD only.


Ag-Gag laws are laws that operate to hide the truth about how animals are treated. Laws that punish the person exposing the cruelty rather than the person perpetrating the cruelty.

To our shame, SA has an ‘Ag gag’ law.

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