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Greens Bill to Tank the Tanks

Greens MLC Tammy Franks has introduced a Bill to the South Australian Parliament that will allow a member of any species of the sub-phylum vertebrata such as sharks, to be classified as animals, attracting all the protections afforded to other animals under the Animal Welfare Act 1985. The Animal Welfare (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill 2016 comes as a response to Atlantis Lounge Bar’s plan to exhibit hammerhead sharks in a tank located in the middle of a dance floor.  

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WHAT: Press Conference Medical Cannabis

WHEN: Today (Wednesday 18th of May 2016)

TIME: 12:00pm

WHERE: Parliament House Steps (North Terrace) 

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The Greens will today join the South Australian arts community rally on the Parliament House steps to protest state budget arts funding cuts.

“The $1 million dollar cut already inflicted on the next Adelaide Festival program will directly hurt that Festival's cultural offering, but will also harm tourism” Tammy Franks MLC, Greens Arts spokesperson, said.

“The Brandis/Fifield federal cuts have delivered a body blow to the arts sector and these Snelling cuts will be a dirty kick in the guts while the sector is down.

"With significant cuts to funding, the vibrancy our government so often rightly celebrates will suffer, and so too will our artists and arts communities.

"South Australian Arts organisations are now under threat of having millions more dollars ripped out of already lean budgets, putting our state’s rich cultural ecology at risk.

"The cuts are bad for our culture, but they are also bad for our cash flow. The Greens understand the economic value of the arts industry goes well beyond box office sales, driving other economic factors such as tourism and employment in related fields.

"These cuts will slowly poison the well of our cultural richness, taking even more tourism dollars away to fund the funeral” Ms Franks concluded.

The Greens will join the rally organised by The Arts Industry Council of South Australia (AICSA) on Tuesday, 19 April at 12pm and we welcome you to stand with us to change the script.


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Greens MLC Tammy Franks today introduced a Bill to the South Australian Parliament to ensure that the exposure of animal cruelty would be considered as being ‘in the public interest’ with consideration of the broadcast of footage of animal cruelty obtained through surveillance devices.  The Greens Bill would allow for the recording and publication of material by any party where this material is in the public interest without the need to first obtain a court order.


The Government’s new Surveillance Devices Act 2016 is yet to commence. 

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Greens SA MLC, Tammy Franks, has condemned today’s decision by State and Federal Ministers to define free range eggs as up to 10,000 birds per hectare as one that will “advantage the ‘fake range’ players in the industry, and drive true free range producers out of business”. Ms Franks will put her bill to label shop and supermarket shelves to vote when Parliament resumes in late April.

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WHAT: Select Committee Inquiry into Decriminalisation of Sex Work Bill 
WHEN: Today (Thursday 31st March 2016)

TIME: 11:00am 

WHERE: Parliament House (Plaza Room, Level 1)

WHO: SafeWork SA – Marie Boland, Executive Director at 11:10am
            Working Women’s Centre – Sandra Dann, Director at 12:00pm


Greens MLC Tammy Franks, acting chair of the Select Committee on the Statutes Amendment (Decriminalisation of Sex Work) Bill 2015 will be available for comment at the conclusion of the committee hearing. 

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