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Speech: Jumps Racing Ban Passes Upper House

June 14, 2022

The Hon. T.A. FRANKS (18:13): I remain constantly surprised by this place. I thank all members who contributed to this debate. I think it has been an unnecessarily protracted and frustrating one over many years. We are seeing the last vestiges of jumps racing...

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Speech: Greens Table Bill to Legalise Cannabis in SA

May 20, 2022

The Hon. T.A. FRANKS: Obtained leave and introduced a bill for an act to legalise cannabis and cannabis products, to regulate the sale, supply and advertising of cannabis and cannabis products, to make related amendments to the Controlled Substances Act 1984, and for other purposes. ...

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Speech: Gender Equality Bill

May 18, 2022

The Hon. T.A. FRANKS (17:19): I rise on behalf of the Greens to support this bill as the spokesperson for women for the Greens. I thank the Hon. Connie Bonaros for her continued advocacy in this area. Certainly, this bill is no surprise to...

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