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Speech: Adjourning for the Year

The Hon. T.A. FRANKS (17:45): I will keep this brief. I was not going to make a contribution but I am struck to make one, and also to remark upon the amendment. I want to start by saying that when I first came into this place, my former boss, Natasha Stott Despoja, came in for lunch to celebrate my election and she looked around this chamber, which was a very different red chamber to the Senate where I had worked for her, and said, 'Wow. It is so intimate in here.'

It is a small chamber. It is an intimate chamber. We often come back to this building not just for our daily work but for committee meetings and the like, and there is only so far you can go when you have to face each other the very next day, day in, day out. It is a very different environment to either the other place or Canberra. It is a place also that I have noticed many more female faces in since I started, but I have noticed that every single time we lose somebody from this place and gain another person it shifts markedly because of that intimacy.

I want to commend the work of the Hon. John Dawkins, the Hon. Russell Wortley and the Hon. Rob Lucas. I was struck by something the Hon. John Dawkins said when he rose just now. Mr President, I commend you for your work on suicide prevention. But it was actually the Hon. Rob Lucas who, when my brother died by suicide, showed me a kindness that has stayed with me, and he in fact sent me home as well because I was not really coping at the time, and that genuine compassion and concern for my wellbeing is something that has stuck with me so thank you for that. I will not remember fondly the three-hour speeches but I do remember that fondly.

I also remember the strident debate over the work, health and safety laws when Minister Russell Wortley fought valiantly to finally get those through after a year of opposition—a year-plus of opposition—from the Hon. Rob Lucas.

I want to say that there was another member of this place until recently who did carry coins and used them in the members' bar and that was the Hon. Mark Parnell, the former founding parliamentary member of the Greens. I want to remark that he is a big loss in the parliamentary representation of our party but it is a generational and continuity change that we must and should have, and I certainly have very much welcomed the Hon. Rob Simms and his team to this place. I do believe that the Greens continue to bring our brand of politics in a way that epitomises our four pillars.

I also look forward to the soon to be, hopefully, honourable Yesha Joshi one day joining us. She used to take part in those cricket matches as a staffer and is a keen cricket fan, and should we be able to increase the Greens' membership of this place to three people perhaps those cricket matches will be back on again. Until then, I do look forward to returning to this place in February to continue to do the work. In fact, only half of the members of this chamber are up for election, should there not be any more unusual occurrences for the year, lest I jinx it.

We have work that we continue to do. There are several committees continuing to meet and I think they are doing quite important work, not least being the COVID committee. In these extraordinary times, I think the parliament and the democratic processes should be cherished and respected. I think we are actually in a time where the work we are doing is deserving of us returning in February to ensure that what needs to be done is being done and that the democratic processes are reflected in these quite extraordinary times.

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