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Greens Renew Their Call for Independent Inquiry Into SA Greyhound Racing Industry

The Greens have renewed their call urging the Malinauskas Government to establish an independent inquiry into greyhound racing industry practices and governance, following the release of footage showing the alleged abuse of multiple greyhounds.

Greyhound Racing SA is the Controlling Body responsible for the conduct, regulation, and promotion of greyhound racing throughout South Australia, and is the only state-based racing body in Australia that remains exempt from Freedom of Information laws.

The Greens currently have a motion calling for an Independent Inquiry on the Upper House notice paper.

Quotes attributable to Tammy Franks MLC:

“Greyhound racing is inherently abusive, and a practice founded on significant animal cruelty. That is why we need an independent, non-politicised inquiry to ensure that South Australians know what is going on in our state in this industry.”

“We've had to take the word of Greyhound Racing SA that they are somehow different than those across the border — well, these embedded industry practices prove that they aren't different to other states. While this industry exists, these vicious practices will continue.”

“It’s unacceptable that monitoring and enforcement is undertaken by Greyhound Racing SA themselves. If that system works, why then wasn’t this matter already under consideration? What internal industry sanctions were being pursued against this person? It’s simply not good enough. We need the scrutiny that has been applied in other States with a far-reaching independent inquiry and we need it now.”

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