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Sex Work is Work

The SA Greens condemn the SA Liberals’ attempts to undermine the safety of sex workers this May Day. This afternoon, the Leader of the Opposition of the Legislative Council will progress a bill to a vote that will make the industry less safe for sex workers and drive the industry further underground.

Studies have demonstrated a direct correlation between the proposed Nordic Model and an increase in violence and exploitation within the sex industry. South Australian sex workers have outright rejected this model, as it re-enforces barriers to accessing support and undermines harm reduction practices.

The SA Greens stand in solidarity with sex workers and will continue to fight for the decriminalisation of sex work in South Australia.

The Centofanti Nordic Model Bill is expected to come to a vote later this evening.


Quotes Attributable to Tammy Franks MLC, SA Greens Spokesperson for Industrial Relations:

Sex work is work, and it should be subject to the same laws and protections as work. Ongoing criminalisation, against public expectations and against best practice, makes no sense.

 Sex work is currently criminalised in South Australia despite strong public support for decriminalisation. We have some of the most punitive and archaic sex work laws in the country, and a model based in further criminalisation will not fix that.

 Sex workers are still fighting for basic workers’ rights and recognition. We need to acknowledge sex workers as workers and take real steps to ensure they have proper industrial protection in their profession. That means decriminalising sex work as an industry and providing sex workers with real protections.

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