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Upper House slams Government attack on Springbank School

A motion calling on the Government to abandon its review of Springbank Secondary College has passed the Upper House, following a similar motion that was passed unanimously by Mitcham Council last month. A review is required under the Education Act to close or merge a state school.

Quotes attributable to Tammy Franks MLC:

“The way the Marshall Government are treating Springbank Secondary’s students, staff and community is really beneath contempt now. The COVID-19 pandemic is stressful enough, yet the Government is just piling on further uncertainty to students and parents as the future of their school remains unknown.

“Springbank must be allowed to spring back. The school is less than two years into their five-year plan for improvement and have met all their targets – despite not receiving the promised funding. They’ve been criticized for having “poor enrolments”, yet their enrolments are increasing. The Government spin didn’t stand up to scrutiny in Parliament.

“Springbank is a school that is small by design. A school’s size is not an indication of its quality, and one large school size does not fit all students. Springbank Secondary College provides incredible opportunities for its student body – including a dedicated disability unit, basketball academy, and trade training centre.

“All this review will do is pile on anxiety and uncertainty onto students, parents, and teachers at a time when there’s unprecedented pressure and uncertainty. The Government must abandon this review. It is reprehensible to proceed in this pandemic.”

Media Contact: Tammy Franks - 0457 549 938

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