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Unveil the Cash Trail: Greens Secure Major Win on LIV Golf Transparency

The Government will be required to reveal documents relating to the LIV Golf tournament after a Greens motion successfully passed the Upper House last night.  

The motion, which was moved by Tammy Franks MLC, uses the powers of the Parliament to compel the State Government to produce all documents relating to payments or agreements made for South Australia to host the tournament. 

The call comes after human rights organisations, including the Human Rights Watch, described the tournament as “blatant sportswashing” and announcements regarding the merger of LIV Gold and PGA Tour puts into question to viability of the agreements between LIV Golf and South Australia. 

Quotes attributable to Tammy Franks MLC: 

“SA has paid for the supposed privilege of hosting an event contrary to human rights values, and the community has the right to know how many millions in public money was handed over.” 

“The State Government must now come clean and disclose just how much money it paid to LIV Golf to use our state as the place to sportswash the reputation of the brutal Saudi regime. The Parliament has overcome the Government’s weak Commercial in Confidence claims that have so far shielded not only the cost of public scrutiny but also any other contractual arrangements we have signed up to.” 

“This is a huge win for Government accountability and transparency in our state. South Australians will now know the true cost of Peter Malinauskas’ decision to ignore the criticism from the community and human-rights organisations by hosting the LIV Golf tournament.” 

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