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Taxpayers Deserve Transparency: Greens Demand Government Reveal LIV Golf’s Cost

The Greens have renewed their call for the State Government to release documents relating to the payments or agreements made for SA to host the LIV Golf Adelaide tournament after the SA Tourism Commission admitted to spending millions to bring LIV Golf to the state in a Parliamentary Committee today. 

South Australia’s involvement with the tournament has been a cause of controversy since its announcement in November 2022, with human-rights organisations, including the Human Rights Watch, describing it as “blatant sportswashing,” and an attempt to distract from the Saudi regime’s widespread human-rights violations. 

The tournament was secured with funding from South Australia’s Major Events Fund, which received a $40 million boost in the 2022 State Budget. 

Quotes attributable to Tammy Franks MLC: 

“The Saudi regime is looking for legitimacy and by welcoming LIV with open arms, our Premier has tarnished South Australia’s international reputation and provided Saudi Arabia with that legitimacy, all for a weekend of golf.” 

“LIV golf puts the eyes on the world on South Australia. Do we really want South Australia to be tied with the Saudi regime when we are on the world stage?” 

“The Premier has blatantly refused to reveal how much taxpayers have spent funding this tournament. The Saudi regime did not need our money, but it did need our reputation.”  

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