Stand Up for What Matters

Your voice counts - and there are plenty of ways to help make a difference.

Taking action is a hallmark of the Greens. We’ve led the way promoting a greener, more sustainable and fairer future for all. But as a grassroots movement, we can’t do it without you.

Become a volunteer, join the Greens, and help to ensure Green voices are heard.

Spread The Word

Ensure Greens’ voices are heard via social media. On local radio. In your local newspaper. And through your local MP.

These are some of the ways you can support our work.




ABC Adelaide (891AM):
1300 222 891 or Send an SMS to 199 22 891

FiveAA (1395AM):
(08) 8223 0000 or

Fresh (92.7FM):
1300 7 FRESH

Radio Adelaide (101.5FM):
(08) 8303 5000

Key Campaigns