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SA Greens Welcome Independent Inquiry's Findings on Governance of South Australia's Greyhound Racing Industry

The SA Greens welcome the findings of the Independent Inquiry into the Governance of the Greyhound Racing Industry in South Australia. 

The Greens moved in the Parliament for an Independent Inquiry into Greyhound Racing in June 2023, and tabled documents of the cruelty covered in the report that was unable to be publicly released given the State’s Surveillance Devices Act affect of gagging exposure of animal cruelty. 

Quotes attributable to Tammy Franks MLC: 

“This is vindication for the whistleblowers and animal lovers of South Australia. We’ve known for a long time the industry assurances were hollow and that greyhounds were suffering. We welcome an independent oversight of this cruel industry.” 

“We urge the Government to ensure any exposure of animal cruelty is not frustrated by either the Surveillance Devices Act or a lack of resources and powers to the RSPCA.”  

“The Greens have long called for this inquiry and for greater transparency and integrity of this industry. We look forward to our Freedom of Information requests being responded to in the future and the legislative reforms to come in the new year.” 

Quotes attributable to Elle Trahair, Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds State Director: 

“This report should be of significant concern to anybody who believes that greyhounds deserve respect, and what we advocates have always known – that greyhound racing should be a thing of the past.” 

“An inquiry can only uncover so much, however, what has been uncovered is an indication of what the industry is like, and it is not something that should be allowed to exist today. This report clearly tells us that greyhounds are nothing more than a racing commodity.  

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