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The Select Committee inquiring into Native Bird and Quail Hunting in South Australia has released its report and recommendations today.  

Committee Members Tammy Franks Greens MLC and Ian Hunter Labor MLC have both backed a ban on ducking hunting. One Nation and Liberal MLCs joined with Frank Pangallo MLC to support the continuation of duck hunting. As a Former Labor Environment Minister Ian Hunter was the person responsible for declaring Open Seasons from 2014 to 2018.  

Quotes attributable to Tammy Franks MLC: 

“The Committee membership was loaded in favour of keeping duck and quail hunting from the start so it’s little surprise One Nation and the Liberals voted to keep duck hunting ‘Open Seasons’.”  

“Despite this, the overall evidence was clear, duck hunting is inherently cruel, difficult to monitor, disruptive to others and disliked by most of the population. Little wonder then that banning duck hunting was the most raised issue in feedback to the 2023 review of our state’s current Animal Welfare Act.”  

“South Australian Parliament is severely out of step with most of the community on this issue. It’s time for Labor to bite the bullet, look at the science and act swiftly to ensure this barbaric cruelty does not continue.’ 

“I particularly commend former Labor Minister Ian Hunter for his leadership in backing a ban and reflect while he was formerly responsible for declaring several duck hunting seasons. He has now voted to end them. At that time, he was not empowered to consider animal welfare in the Ministerial advice.”  

“Given the entire Committee all agreed animal welfare must be considered in the declaration deliberations from now on current Minister Susan Close should make sure that recommendation is implemented immediately.”        

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