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Not Happy Jan 26th - SA Greens Call Upon the Malinauskas Government to Change the Date

SA Greens MLC, Tammy Franks, has called upon the Malinauskas Government to change the date we chose to celebrate ‘Australia Day’ in their review of the Holidays Act 1910. On January 26, as a nation we mark the commemoration of the arrival of the First Fleet, a day that represents the beginning of an ongoing genocide, the slaughter of so many Aboriginal people.

Quotes attributable to Tammy Franks MLC:

“Holding a celebration on January 26 is inherently divisive, so it’s time we changed the date. January 26 is the day in history of the second landing of the First Fleet’s and Admiral Arthur Phillip’s establishment of a penal colony in what later became NSW by the raising of a Union Jack on the land of the Eora nation back in 1788. The land then, as it is now, was Aboriginal land at the time.”

By portraying that historical moment with a blinkered view, we ignore that today is the anniversary of the beginning of an invasion, and the subsequent killing, colonising, dispossessing, converting, “protecting”, assimilating and discriminating. These things cause intergenerational pain. These things are no cause for celebration.

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