Reason thrown out the window as Pokies legislation pushed through Parliament

Media Releases, Newsroom

This week, while the Liberals and Labor teamed up to push through community-damaging and ill-considered pokies legislation, they have refused to support any cross-bench amendments to try and minimize the harm caused.  

Amendments the major parties rejected: 

  • Insert/increase penalty expiation fees for breaches of mandatory provisions of codes 
  • Making statistical information on total gambling expenditure by venue available on a monthly basis (as happens in Victoria) 
  • Increase maximum penalty for gambling provider for enabling contravention of barring order  
  • Provisions enabling barred persons to recover some losses from gambling provider who enabled them to contravene barring order  
  • Increased reporting from the Gambling Advisory Council, and other transparency measures around reporting 
  • Limitations on advertising gambling, particularly on advertising aimed at inducing a minor to gamble 
  • Capping jackpots at $500 
  • Removing coin machines from licensed venues 
  • Limiting the use of facial recognition technology for harm minimization purposes only  
  • Increase penalties for allowing the presence of minors