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Marshall Government must face the music on the plight of live music venues

In State Parliament, the Greens have called on the Marshall Government to ensure the local live music industry gets to play a post-COVID encore.

Adelaide is a UNESCO City of Music, and our pubs and clubs are the home of live music in our state. While the current crisis has us all longing for social interaction and missing live music, countless iconic venues currently won’t be able to reopen their doors once the pandemic subsides.

Quotes attributable to Tammy Franks MLC:

“The Government must support our iconic venues, and ensure they don’t lose their licenses and leases. History has shown us that the developers will eagerly snap up the prime real estate on which our beloved venues are often found, and so once venues lose their leases it’s almost impossible to get them back. Our beloved venues are living on a prayer, so let’s not send all apologies after it’s too late to cry.

“The Government should be looking at instituting change of use planning protections so that live music venue stages don’t fall into the hands of developers. We would literally be paving paradise to put up parking lots and apartments.

“Every sector of the industry, including musicians, production crews, managers, booking agents, hospitality staff, merchandise companies and music media, have been severely affected. We need a plan to help live music venues take shelter from the storm. In times of crisis these are the very people who usually put on a show to support those in need. Well now it’s our turn to show up and provide material support – not just sing their praises. We must come together to keep our live music scene thriving.

Background: The Grace Emily was one of the first live music pubs to close its doors just before the pandemic restrictions were enforced. It was quickly followed by Jive, Electric Circus, and just last week the Kings Head announced it will not be reopening after restrictions are lifted. The Gov estimates it can only sustain its existence for a few more months.

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