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Liberals Must be Crystal Clear about Crystal Lake

The Greens have called on the Marshall Liberal Government to release all of the data and documents they have relating to the water quality and safety at Highbury Quarry, following their announcement that they want to turn the disused quarry into a recreation park with swimming and kayaking permitted. And despite their attacks on Labor’s costings, it seems that the Liberals haven’t included the potential clean-up costs in their projections either

Under previous State Governments, the water in Highbury Quarry has been deemed unsuitable for use due to extremely high levels of sulphate in the water.

Quotes attributable to Tammy Franks MLC

“There is absolutely no clarity available from the Liberals about how this proposal would even work. It’s on private land, that has been a mine in the past and has also been the site of illegal asbestos dumping, and has had its water declared unsafe in recent years. Nothing grows in that water – no weeds, no wildlife – and the land around it is unstable and prone to landslides. Yet David Speirs says there are no obvious barriers that would prevent water-based activities. So what has been done, or will the Liberals do, to make the quarry safe for recreation? And if it’s deemed safe to swim in now, what will the Liberals be doing to keep it that way?”

“Just because the water is blue in social media pics does not mean it is safe for swimming. The Liberals must be transparent about the work they will undertake and how much it will cost to turn this quarry into a place for safe public recreation.”

“Environment policy should not be crafted on the basis of Insta opportunities”

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