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Greens to Ban Jump Racing in SA

The Greens will today introduce legislation to finally ban jumps racing in South Australia.

Queensland stopped jumps racing in 1903, WA in 1941 and the sport was banned in NSW in 1997. The last race was held in Tasmania in 2007. It has now been more than 30 years since the 1991 Senate Inquiry recommended jumps racing be phased out. Victoria and SA are the only remaining Australian states that still retain this archaic practice.

It’s now no longer just animal welfare advocates calling for an end to these cruel races. The Oakbank committee – who held their Easter Racing Carnival this year without featuring jumps racing for the first time since the late 1800s – have stated that they believe that jumps racing was a dead end for the club. While no jumps races have been scheduled for 2022 in South Australia, the season in Victoria this year has already seen two deaths.

Quotes attributable to Tammy Franks MLC

“Time and again jumps racing has proven dangerous for jockeys and deadly for horses. It’s time to finally put an end to the carnage.  

“The industry itself is ready for the end of jumps racing. Attendance is low, injuries and deaths are high, and while jumps racing accounts for a very small proportion of the industry it accounts for most of the bad publicity the industry receives.

“There are transition arrangements that could be made to ensure not just the welfare of the horses, not just the increased safety in the workplace of the jockeys, but, of course, the reputation of the racing industry overall. Successive governments have failed to act, but the Greens remain dedicated to finally banning this cruel, so-called “sport”.

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