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Greens Support Community Action on Climate

Protestors gathered in Adelaide CBD to demand more action on climate.

A protest organised by Uni Students for Climate Action was held Friday night on the steps of Parliament House. Tammy Franks MLC spoke at the rally, in support of the communities call for more action on climate change.

Quotes attributable to Tammy Franks MLC:

“It is clear that climate change threatens every single eco-system and in many regions we are seeing more and more extreme weather events. Australia's environment is sick, and it is only going to get sicker.

“We all want to see a ‘new political common sense’ which recognises the importance of climate action and holding those that do not act accountable. We want to see political change that is long lasting and effective.

“We need to get few homes off gas, we need to stop opening coal mines and putting mining magnates’ profits before the climate.

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