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Greens Flag Stronger Shelter Standards Following Animal Cruelty Charges

Greens MLC Tammy Franks will reintroduce a bill to the State’s Upper House to strengthen South Australia’s animal welfare laws, which are currently some of the weakest in the nation. The move comes after the directors of the South Australian Humane Animal Rescue Association (SAHARA) were fined and convicted for animal cruelty charges this week.

Ms Franks’ bill, which was the subject of a select committee in the last parliament, includes provisions to introduce a code of practice and licensing requirements for animal shelters and rescue organisations, require licensed shelters to publish the number of animals euthanised, and empowers the RSPCA to take action to prevent animal cruelty. The bill also requires shelters to take all reasonable steps to rehouse animals rather than euthanizing them because the holding period is over or because the shelter is “full”. The select committee that endorsed the bill that Ms Franks will introduce in the next sitting week included members from the Labor and Liberal parties as well as the Greens.

Quotes attributable to Tammy Franks MLC:

“The suffering and pain of animals held by SAHARA proves once again that our laws just aren’t strong or consistent enough to ensure the safety of animals in our care or effectively prevent animal cruelty. Shelter reform is urgently needed in SA.”

“My bill will address of SA’s woefully inadequate minimum animal welfare standards and bring much needed transparency and accountability to the practices of shelters.”

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