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Greens call on Libs to embrace 'green steel'

Premier Marshall should push for Federal Government funding to encourage green steel production in Whyalla, say the SA Greens.

“Today’s report from the Centre for Energy Technology at the University of Adelaide (as reported in today’s Advertiser) confirms what the Greens have been arguing for a long time: green steel* can create long-term and sustainable jobs for our regions”, said the Greens lead candidate for the Legislative Council, Robert Simms."

“We understand that the Premier is having conversations with the Prime Minister about potential support for the Whyalla steelworks. We welcome that, but he should be pushing for this investment to encourage the use of green technology.”

“The Marshall Government has made much of its plan to build SA’s reputation for innovation. Promoting green steel production would put SA on the map and secure the future of a vital industry”, said Mr Simms."

*Green steel is made using hydrogen, rather than coal

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