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Greens call for extended Covid-19 hotline hours

In Parliament today, the Greens called for better access to COVID-19 information, in particular for people wanting to access the SA COVID-19 Information Line and the SA COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line.

Both of these hotlines operate within very limited hours.

The Victorian, Queensland, and NSW COVID-19 hotlines operate 24/7, while in WA their hotline operates from 7am to 10pm. Yet here in SA, ours is only available 9-5. What happens if people have urgent concerns or become aware of symptoms outside of those hours?

The Greens are calling for the operating hours for these hotlines to be extended so that people can access information and support when they need it.

Quotes attributable to Tammy Franks MLC:

“This new cluster has reminded us all that COVID-19 hasn’t gone away, and with quite a few locations being checked now it’s easy to understand that many members of the community are quite concerned, and will be seeking information and advice. Why is access to that information and advice limited to between 9 and 5?"

“Increased anxiety is also a potential outcome of any new COVID-19 cases, and people need to be able to access support. We need to extend the COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line as well."

“The easier access people have to advice and support, the better we’ll all be able to get through this renewed period of uncertainty."

“I welcome the Minister for Health & Wellbeing’s undertaking to review these services given the evolving situation."

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