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Greens Bill to ban duck hunting in SA

Despite ongoing community opposition and outcry, the 2021 duck hunting season has been declared and will commence on the 20th of March.

Greens Animal Welfare spokesperson Tammy Franks MLC has this week given notice of a Bill to ban duck hunting in South Australia. Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland have all banned duck hunting, and in the ACT it never existed.

Quotes attributable to Tammy Franks MLC:

“Duck shooters use spray pellets – which can often harm or maim birds without killing them. The ‘lucky ducks’ are the ones that die quickly, but often ducks and other birds die a slow, painful and prolonged death over several hours or even days."

“Duck hunting is nothing but recreational cruelty. Why we continue to perpetuate yet another so-called sport based on the suffering of animals is beyond me. Duck hunting is a relic of our past, and frankly it should stay there."

“It’s hard to believe that the Marshall Liberal Government continues to allow this so-called sport to go ahead, when Steven Marshall is on the record calling for an inquiry into duck hunting citing animal welfare concerns back in 2011."

“There have been countless community campaigns and calls for this senseless, so-called ‘sport’ to end. Enough is enough. The Greens want to see this barbaric practice end, and the Parliament has the power to do that now.”

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