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I introduced the Return to Work (COVID-19) Amendment Bill into the State Parliament’s Upper House which would extend workers’ compensation coverage to workers who contract or await testing for COVID-19.Far too many workers don’t have the leave entitlements and job security to allow them to economically survive a diagnosis of COVID-19, or even to take time off work while they’re awaiting test results.Frontline staff in people-facing industries are among the most vulnerable, given the required interactions with hundreds of people a day, but often have few legal protections should one of those interactions make them sick.

This Bill will apply to full time, part time, contract, and casual workers. It covers:
• Workers who are off work having been diagnosed with COVID-19;
• Workers who are self-isolated and awaiting COVID-19 test results;
• Casual workers who are tested for, or diagnosed with, COVID-19 within 21 days of their last shift, and;
• Workers who die from COVID-19.In the meantime, don’t forget you can use the COVID Cover Facebook frame to strike up a conversation with others and email Members to make your voice heard. 

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13 May 2020


4:00 pm


Parliament of South Australia
Parliament of South Australia, North Terrace, Adelaide
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