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Duck Hunting Call Flies in the Face of Public Opinion

The SA Greens have expressed their outrage that animal welfare has not been considered by the Malinauskas Government as it today announced the 2024 open season for native duck hunting in South Australia.
Considering animal welfare in the declaration of a season was a recommendation agreed to all parties involved in the recent select committee inquiry.

Quotes attributable to Tammy Franks MLC:

“The South Australian Government is now severely out of step with most of the community on this issue with their declaration of a duck hunting season today. Its time for Labor to bite the bullet, look at the science and end this barbaric cruelty”.

“Duck hunting is nothing but recreational cruelty. Why the Malinauskas Government would perpetuate a so-called sport that causes suffering for animals is beyond me. Duck hunting is a relic of our past and it should stay there.”

“Duck shooters use spray pellets which often maim or severely harm birds, without killing them leading to prolonged suffering. It is inherently cruel.”

“Duck hunting is cruel and archaic, that is why WA banned it in 1990, NSW banned it in 1995, and QLD banned it in 2005. South Australia is set to be the only remaining mainland state which still allows it. We need to move quickly to protect our native wildlife and join our neighbours in banning this murderous pastime.”

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