It’s Time to Legalise Cannabis in SA.

The war on drugs – really a war on people – has failed. Governments around the world are moving towards legalising and regulating cannabis. Fifteen US states, Canada and Uruguay are already there and Mexico, Israel and Luxembourg are very close. And cannabis looks set to be legalised at the federal level in the US thanks to Biden’s election.

We need to see the same here in SA.

The Greens will soon introduce a bill into the SA Parliament that would legalise cannabis and see it regulated like alcohol or tobacco with users able to buy it from a store instead of the black market. Legalising cannabis would allow for the sale of cannabis to be taxed meaning that hundreds of millions of dollars could be diverted to our health system, including to drug rehabilitation and harm reduction.

Because people are going to use cannabis no matter what. Legalising cannabis would protect users by introducing standards for growing and selling cannabis and it would shift profits away from organised crime and into much-needed social services while creating jobs.

So let’s do this. But first, we need to make sure the Government and the Labor Opposition know that community support is there to Just Legalise It!

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