It is vital that in any response we make to the  COVID-19 outbreak that workers’ rights are not left behind – particularly those workers upon whom we are most reliant during this time, and who are also most vulnerable to exposure to COVID-19.

In late March, I introduced the Return to Work (COVID-19) Amendment Bill (into the State Parliament’s Upper House) which would extend workers compensation coverage to workers who contract or are awaiting testing for COVID-19.

Far too many workers don’t have the leave entitlements and job security to allow them to economically survive a diagnosis of COVID-19, or even to take time off work while they’re awaiting test results.

Frontline staff in people-facing industries are among the most vulnerable, given the required interactions with hundreds of people a day, but often have few legal protections should one of these interactions make them sick.

This Bill will apply to full time, part-time, contract, and casual workers. The proposed changes will cover all workers in industries where there are significant face-to-face or public interactions including the education, health, care, hospitality, transport and retail industries.

Covid Cover

Email the Legislative Council

Help bring about this win for those on the pandemic front line by emailing Upper House MPs and asking them to support the Bill.

Simply fill in your details, click submit, and you will send the below email to SA’s Legislative Council Members:

Dear Members of the Legislative Council,

We need to support those who are serving us during this difficult time. I’m writing to ask you to support our frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

People working in industries where they have to interact with others are at risk, and while they are providing essential services for us, we need to provide workers’ compensation to them should they fall sick.

I’m asking you to vote in support of the Greens’ Return to Work (COVID-19) Amendment Bill 2020.

Many workers don’t have access to entitlements that would ensure they don’t suffer financially should they become sick from their work. This Bill will apply to full time, part-time, contract, and casual workers, ensuring that they have access to workers’ compensation. We need to make sure that no one gets left behind if they get sick.

Please use your vote in Parliament to support those providing us with essential services.

Kind regards,