Coorong Environmental Trust Act is now Law

The South Australian Greens have secured a win in Parliament with the establishment of the Coorong Environmental Trust (CET) Act.

Tammy’s Private Members Bill to establish the Coorong Environmental Trust (CET) Act is now law.

The CET puts the community back in the centre of the decision-making process (where they belong) when it comes to our water resources and the environment.

The Coorong Environmental Trust is the culmination of the hard work of many advocates and members of the community. It presents a vision for an independent board responsible for monitoring and caring for the health of the Coorong. The Trust will consist of seven members: five directors representing member organisations, a state government representative and a Ngarrindjeri spokesperson.

The CET Board will be responsible for creating and maintaining a repository for all environmental data and research outcomes related to the Coorong, as well as providing independent and nonpartisan scientific advice to stakeholders on the state of the Coorong. They will also provide guidance for future environmental research into the Coorong, monitor local conditions, and coordinate (and, if necessary, implement) a comprehensive water quality monitoring program.

The Coorong Environmental Trust Act is an innovative and much-needed piece of law that will now ensure policy responses are shaped by the community that knows the area best, and the Greens are very proud to have worked alongside the Coorong locals and passionate stakeholders to achieve this reform.

You can watch my Second Reading speech introducing the Bill in 2019 here.

Or you can read more about the CET here