South Australia and Victoria are the only states that still allow duck hunting. This is a barbaric activity that is a relic of the past. Let’s call it what it is: not a “sport”, but recreational cruelty. 

For many of us the introduction to these birds is when we are young children, in our story books, in cartoons and in real life on the edges of lakes and rivers. We are encouraged to adore and make connections with them. We go feed the ducks at our local park or pond with our grandparents, and remember those times fondly.   

Juxtaposed to this, each year for a several months, the ducks many of us are raised to adore are traumatised, maimed, and killed. 

Tragically our Ministers for the Environment who can end the killing and help us reconnect with wild birdlife in kinder ways, chooses not to.  Those that spend their life working to save wild ducks are disappointed year after year while the general public asks “are we STILL doing this?”. It beggars belief that our Government is choosing to perpetuate another so-called sport based on the suffering of animals.

I have introduced a Bill to ban duck hunting in South Australia. This reform is long overdue and has overwhelming community support. Let’s make the 2021 duck hunting season the last in South Australia.

Duck hunters use spray pellets – which can often harm or maim birds without killing them. The ‘lucky ducks’ are the ones that die quickly, but often ducks and other birds die a slow, painful and prolonged death over several hours or even days.

Add your voice to the community outcry calling for this change.

You can sign the petition put together by Treasures, Not Targets that goes to both the Premier and the Leader of the Opposition.

I am also running a postcard petition that will be delivered to the Minister for the Environment, David Speirs. Contact our office if you would like some postcards to sign and share: