South Australia’s weak animal welfare laws must be improved to protect the welfare of animals. 

Following years of work and collaboration with animal advocates and organisations, including the RSPCA and AWL, in 2019 I introduced the Statutes Amendment (Animal Welfare Reforms) Bill to address many areas of concern in relation to companion animals. 

Reforms include:

  • Stronger avenues for inspection, law enforcement and prosecution for animal cruelty by providing the RSPCA and South Australian Courts with more avenues for proactive action to tackle and prevent animal cruelty;
  • Reducing euthanasia rates among cats and dogs to as close to zero as possible;
  • Creating a code of practice and licensing requirements for animal shelters, rehousing services and rescues;
  • Establishing special provisions relating to the greyhound racing industry to hold the industry accountable, as well as new reporting requirements that ensure Greyhound Racing SA is subject to FOI – and that 

The Greens are a lone voice in Parliament keeping animal welfare reforms on the agenda.