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Animal Welfare Forum - Senator Mehreen Faruqi and Tammy Franks MLC

Nobody would put the fox in charge of the chicken house, why would we put the industry in charge of its own regulations when it comes to animal welfare?

We currently have a complex web of Government Departments, charities and industry groups responsible for the welfare of animals. This creates gaps in animal welfare and if these gaps remain, we will continue to see animals suffer.

We need advice on animal welfare to be independent of industry. We need clear, concise and consistent guidance on animal welfare issues. An Independent Office of Animal Welfare would be an independent leader on animal welfare issues and would be able to create clear direction, based on expertise and scientific knowledge.  

Join us to hear from:

Dr Mehreen Faruqi is Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens and Senator for NSW. She is a civil and environmental engineer and a life-long activist for social, environmental and racial justice. Mehreen is spokesperson for Education, Anti-Racism, Animal Welfare, the Republic, and International Aid and Global Justice.


Tammy Franks MLC is co-leader of of the South Australian Greens and put a focus on Animal Welfare issues through her advocacy and legislation in the South Australian Parliament. 

July 25, 2023
5:45pm - 7:45pm
The Piccadilly
Office of Tammy Franks MLC ·
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