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‘An Animal Welfare Disaster’: Greens Condemn Greyhound Racing Industry’s ‘Boost for Breeders’ as Ninth Dog Dies on South Australian Tracks

The SA Greens condemn the Greyhound Racing Industry’s announcement of a rebate that seeks to ‘stimulate local greyhound breeding’. The decision to financially incentivise further breeding flies in the face of the Ashton Inquiry, which recommended an enforced cap on breeding.

Last month, the SA Greens tabled recordings of Greyhound Racing Industry meetings, which revealed participants plotting to increase the number of greyhounds in circulation in order to create ‘an animal welfare disaster’ if the industry was shut down.

The SA Greens urgently call on the Malinauskas Government to introduce an immediate cap on the breeding of Greyhounds.

Quotes attributable to Tammy Franks MLC, Greens Spokesperson for Animal Welfare:

This announcement demonstrates the industry’s true colours. They are not interested in reforming. They are brazenly using their dogs as leverage and the Malinauskas Government is allowing it. Our government cannot be held to ransom by this cruel and corrupt industry.

The industry said it themselves, ‘the more there are in the system’ the harder it will be to ban. The Malinauskas Government must act to enforce a cap on breeding immediately. The industry has shown, once again, that they refuse to act in good faith.

Today, we learned that a further four greyhounds have been killed on South Australian tracks in June alone. Nine dogs have died in 2024. This industry does not take care of the dogs they currently have, allowing them to breed more – it’s complicity. It is aiding and abetting cruelty. 



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