Unfair Marshall Budget Faces Greens Fight



Greens MLC Tammy Franks has warned that the Marshall Liberal Government will face fierce opposition in the Upper House for its plans to “privatise, penalise and profit” as outlined in today’s state budget.


“This budget is a kick in the guts to those who are already struggling. It is clear that this Government and its budget will only widen inequality and retreat from the provision of essential services to those who need it most.


“The Treasurer has today boasted he is keeping the Liberal party’s promises but the people of South Australia did not vote to privatise our prisons or SA Pathology. Coming clean that they intended to sell off seven TAFE campuses or shortchange the state Murray Darling Basin Royal Commission would not have passed any pub test before the March 17 poll and we won’t be copping it in the Parliament now,” she concluded.




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