The Hon Bob Sneath

16 October 2012

My farewell address to the retiring President of the Legislative Council, the Hon Bob Sneath.

The Hon. T.A. FRANKS (16:24): I rise briefly to acknowledge the only president that I have known and, so again, I echo the words of the Hon. Dennis Hood that this has been both the best and the worst in my experience, but certainly I think as presidents and speakers go that I have observed across parliaments across Australia and New Zealand, Bob certainly is an outstanding president. As we all know, he was a sheep shearer and then a union organiser. My family was actually a little step down from that, having been sheep muleses, so not quite as glamorous as the sheep shearer.

Bob’s humour and generosity went a long way to ensuring that this place and the debates in this place contained much less tension and acrimony than those I have seen in the other place. Certainly his sense of humour was alerted to pretty early on when his mobile phone rang and Click Go the Shears played quite loudly.

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