South Australian Productivity Commission Bill

The Hon. T.A. FRANKS (15:48): I rise on behalf of the Greens to indicate our support for the second reading of the South Australian Productivity Commission Bill 2018. This bill, of course, aims to establish the South Australian productivity commission, an independent body that will be fully and publicly accountable for the advice it provides and the actions it recommends. The aim is for the commission to act as an advisory body to the executive, in this case the Marshall government. The commission will make recommendations to that government to remove existing regulatory barriers and directly support productivity growth, unlocking new economic opportunities and creating new jobs in South Australia.

One of the economic opportunities that I believe the productivity commission should be considering as one of its first ports of call is the medicinal cannabis industry, shown in Israel and elsewhere to be something that would be an economic boon not only for growers and manufacturers but also for those patients who are seeking that medication and moving away from our reliance on opioids and other far more disturbing drugs in our community. That would be something that, as a member of this place, I would like to see referred to the productivity commission.

I also believe there is a range of amendments, and certainly there have been discussions in the corridors, about ensuring that the productivity is not a tool of government to wield as a stick but is to serve the people of South Australia. The Greens will be looking with great interest and with support not just at this bill but to ensure that this bill is that voice, that the parliament has some oversight and relationship, not just the executive. With those few words, I indicate that we will be supporting the second reading. We look forward to the committee debate.

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