Second chance to say no to ag-gag in South Australia

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Ag-Gag laws are laws that operate to hide the truth about how animals are treated. Laws that punish the person exposing the cruelty rather than the person perpetrating the cruelty.

To our shame, SA has an ‘Ag gag’ law.

Earlier this year, the South Australian Parliament passed the Government’s Surveillance Devices Act 2016, effectively gagging animal advocates from informing the public about animal cruelty in animal use industries. In the original version of the legislation, SA Labor had proposed a law that defined animal welfare as in the public interest but bizarrely they removed that clause from the final version. The Greens raised concerns at the time but Labor did not correct what appeared to be their own error.

The Greens have put forward a Bill which clarifies that animal welfare issues are within the ‘public interest’ and that animal advocates can release information relating to animal welfare to the public without having to go to the courts. The Law Society has backed this Bill and expressed concern about our state introducing Ag Gag laws.  

The Greens Bill will be brought to a vote on Wednesday 2nd of November 2016. All we need is for the South Australian Labor Government to accept the amendment. Take Action Now. 

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