SA Power Blackout: Time for MPs to Keep Calm Not Carry On


South Australia is currently in the midst of a major weather event that is expected to extend to Friday.

As a result, the entire state suffered a power outage on the afternoon and evening of September 27.

Greens MLC Tammy Franks stated: 

“The SA Greens thank those volunteers and workers who have been and still are, out there keeping our state safe and getting us back to both business and to regular lives.

 “The community, in general, is to be commended for the care and courtesy shown on what are dangerous roads and extraordinarily difficult circumstances. Neighbours are helping each other out, no lives have yet been lost and while the situation is challenging, we are rising to that challenge.   

“Politicians who are currently using the statewide power blackout as an opportunity to wage war on renewables will be exposed for the opportunists they are. 

“We welcome appropriate reviews and investigations, but those calls and claims are not helpful when we are in the midst of a weather crisis and need to concentrate efforts in keeping our communities safe and getting the state back to business.   

“With a changing climate we will continue to face increasing extreme weather events, what we need to secure our state’s future is real action on climate change not witch hunts on wind power,” Ms. Franks concluded.


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