RALLY: Ban Duck Hunting in South Australia


WHAT: A Rally to Ban Duck Hunting in South Australia

WHEN: Saturday 19th March

TIME: 11:00 am

WHERE: Parliament House Steps


Animal Justice Party

Animal Liberation Party

Tammy Franks MLC

Tammy and others will be available for media comment.

Greens animal welfare spokesperson Tammy Franks MLC will join Animal Justice Party to rally to Ban Duck Hunting in SA.

With Saturday the 19th of March marking the beginning of the 2016 Open Season, Tammy Franks MLC will speak at the really, to encourage the State Government to outlaw Duck Hunting.

Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales have already banned the practice, Western Australia having done so as far back as 1990. 

“It seems clear to me that duck shooting contravenes South Australian law, with wounded ducks suffering lingering, painful deaths” Ms Franks said.

Under section 13 of Animal Welfare Act (1985) it is illegal to ill-treat an animal.

A person ill-treats an animal if the person “kills the animal in a manner that causes the animal unnecessary pain” or “unless the animal is unconscious, kills the animal by a method that does not cause death to occur as rapidly as possible.”

Although accurate statistics are rare, as hunters have no duty to report injured birds, it is believed that significant amount of ducks are left to die of their wounds every year.

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