Radio Adelaide

Wednesday 9 December

The Hon. T.A. FRANKS (15:54):
I move:

That this council—

1. Expresses its support for Radio Adelaide, and notes that Adelaide will be markedly worse off if it were to be lost;

2. Notes that The University of Adelaide showed tremendous vision in founding and supporting Radio Adelaide, the first community radio station in Australia, and that it has been a key part of South Australia's public life for 43 years;

3. Notes a very large number of South Australia and Australia's journalists, media and creative professionals, and musicians, have received training and experience from Radio Adelaide, and that this station is critical in supporting these industries;

4. Notes that Radio Adelaide has provided a diverse range of communities with unique access to the airwaves, including the music industry, the arts, ethnic and multicultural communities, educational bodies, and many others;

5. Notes that Radio Adelaide has provided fantastic opportunities for South Australian youth to gain working media experience and contribute to a vibrant creative arts environment in Adelaide;

6. Notes that Radio Adelaide reduces the 'brain drain' of young people leaving Adelaide to seek opportunities elsewhere; and

7. Notes that Radio Adelaide focuses on South Australian issues, stories and music in an environment where this is particularly important given the shrinking Adelaide media sector.

I move this motion on behalf of the Greens in state parliament today to recognise the outstanding contribution made to South Australia's cultural life by the community broadcaster Radio Adelaide, and to highlight the incredible campaign of support that has emerged following the announcement that its home at 228 North Terrace has been sold to facilitate the building of a new medical school facility by the University of Adelaide.

The university has opened a brief consultation period following a review of Radio Adelaide which has outlined five options for its future. Radio Adelaide believes that three of these options would see the station close, either immediately or soon after. Radio Adelaide urges the university to commit to a three to five year staged transition, consistent with their independent review option 2.

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