Protect Welfare Rights Centre SA

We are shocked to learn about the loss of funding for the Welfare Rights Centre SA, in an era where the Federal Government are pursuing false debt notices and demonising our nation’s most vulnerable.


The Welfare Rights Centre SA is a community organisation providing free and independent information and advice about social security issues both in person and via phone hotline across South Australia. 


Operating on a shoestring by a dedicated team and expert volunteers, the Welfare Rights Centre SA is a long-standing community legal centre that advocates for people disadvantaged by poverty, sickness, disability, and homelessness.  


A small amount of support from the State Government will save dollars and keep people in their houses and off the street. We are calling on the Weatherill Government to invest in the future of South Australians.  


This petition calls on the Weatherill Government to reinstate the funding required for the Welfare Rights Centre SA. 



Will you sign?


  • Libby Parker
    signed 2017-05-30 17:06:34 +0930
  • Tammy Franks
    signed 2017-05-30 15:58:50 +0930

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