In the wake of today’s vote in the Victorian parliament, Greens lead state election candidate Tammy Franks MLC has pledged to bring the voluntary euthanasia debate to the fore in the SA state election campaign.

Following a marathon overnight sitting of the Legislative Assembly, the Victorian bill passed the house this morning, 47 votes to 37, reaching a significant milestone and clearing the way for it to pass the parliament within two weeks.

Ms Franks stated: "Today we saw the Victorian parliament take one step closer to compassion.”

“Here in SA we have seen bills fail by just a single vote. Compassion is edging ever closer and politicians are starting to show the courage to allow the choice for those who want it.”

“The Greens believe that dying with dignity should be a basic human right. We also have the courage to take the debate into the Parliament for a decision.

“In SA, the Greens have introduced multiple voluntary euthanasia bills, which have been defeated by the narrowest of margins. We will put that to the test once again in the new parliament and we will persevere until we have compassion in SA, because the Greens vision is for a society that respects and values an individual’s right to choose.

“I challenge every candidate to put their position on voluntary euthanasia on the record, whether they are Liberal, Labor or Xenophon, so voters can have a clear choice come March 17,” she concluded.

In the first session of the 54th State Parliament, the SA Greens pledge:

To introduce and support legislation that will:

  • Allow a terminally ill adult to end their life with the help of an approved medical professional after being fully informed of the likely progress of the terminal illness, forms of practically available evidence-based treatment and the possible side-effects, benefits and outcomes.

In doing so we will also:

  • Ensure that the applicant, by reason of pain or suffering associated with a terminal illness, truly wishes to end their life and has not been pressured into their decision by others, or has made the request as consequence of a mental disorder;
  • Protect the right of medical professionals or other medical staff to not be involved in any aspect of voluntary euthanasia unless they choose to; and
  • Support increases in funding and support for palliative care, including both local hospice and home-based care.

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