The SA Best lower house candidate most likely to be elected, Tom Antonio in Giles, has yesterday strongly contradicted SA Best claims of standing with the region’s communities against a nuclear waste dump, while being interviewed on ABC North and West Radio.*

Greens MLC Tammy Franks stated: “The radioactive truth-telling slip yesterday by SA Best candidate Mr Antonio shows that he's quite happy to have a nuclear waste dump in our state as long as we call it ‘a repository’.

“Yesterday on ABC radio, Mr Antonio showed us all the true colours of SA Best’s ‘orange libs’, and those colours glow in the dark.

“The admission came as no surprise to The Greens, however, as when Mr Antonio was Deputy Mayor he was often talking up a nuclear future for his region. The voters deserve to know the truth from Nick Xenophon now. Will Nick’s top pick be allowed to pursue a nuclear waste dump in our state or will Nick dump on him?

“While Nick Xenophon himself helped Tony Abbott repeal the carbon price and SA Best candidates are actively advocating for SA to host a nuclear waste dump, we query SA Best’s purported commitment to our environment,” she concluded.

Background: The Greens have lodged a formal complaint with the electoral commission about the claims made by Nick Xenophon about The Greens and our How To Vote (HTV) cards earlier this week and strongly dispute the slurs. The Greens topped the environment score card with 5 stars and that is why we (unsurprisingly) advocate that those who want climate action and to protect the planet vote for The Greens!


(from just after 9 min mark)

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