Greens Mental Health Spokesperson Tammy Franks MLC is calling on the Marshall Government to take urgent action to address the lack of adequate services for Borderline Personality Disorder by implementing recent recommendations of the Deputy State Coroner.

Ms Franks said: “The Government promised to provide $10m in funding over four years for a specialist statewide Borderline Personality Disorder Service and to initiate this within the first 100 days. The Greens will hold them to account on this pledge. However, with advocates fearing this commitment will not be enough, we are also calling for the Government to go beyond this initial promise, for a complete change of culture and the full implementation of the recommendations of a March coronial inquest into two BPD-related deaths.

“Between 17,000 and 68,000 South Australians are affected by a BPS diagnosis and there are currently gaping chasms in the provision of services to support them. As a result, people are dying.

“In her investigation into the deaths of two women, Deputy State Coroner Jayne Basheer ruled that preventable BPD-related deaths would continue unless the lack of services for the condition was addressed urgently. She also found that the former State Government had been aware of such deficiencies but failed to take sufficient action.

“In both instances, the inquest found that, despite the efforts of the families to access help for these women, neither received a timely diagnosis or adequate, specialised treatment. This a shameful tragedy and one that will continue to occur unless decisive action is taken as a matter of priority.

“This now becomes an important test for the new Marshall Government. Will they ignore such recommendations to improve services or will they act urgently, as promised, to make the changes necessary to stop these preventable deaths?

“We have had enough of delay under the previous government. It is time to start saving lives by putting substantial money on the table for stand-alone BPD services and a proper plan,” Ms Franks concluded.

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