Ms K. Ternezis

November 9 2011


Adjourned debate on motion of Hon. A. Bressington:

That the Legislative Council condemns the failure of the Attorney-General to answer the questions asked in the Legislative Council concerning the case of Ms Katrina Ternezis and to substantially respond to correspondence sent by Mr John Ternezis concerning the same.


(Continued from 28 September 2011.)

The Hon. T.A. FRANKS (20:35): I rise briefly on behalf of the Greens to support this motion before the council. This issue clearly goes well before my time in this council, and that is just one reason why it has been an unacceptable treatment of this particular case, although I think it also runs more broadly that this government should stand ashamed when we read in the paper just this week that the Special Investigations Unit set up to catch those who abuse children in state care has not brought a single conviction in seven years of operation. Records between 2003 and 2008 for that Special Investigations Unit are unavailable and apparently there were no prosecutions undertaken in this time.

We have a sad history in South Australia of having children abused while in state care or while under the care of various ministers and so on. It is something that this state has quite rightly apologised for but, when you apologise, that means you do something about it. I hear a lot from this government about being tough on law and order; it is time to be tough on child abuse. With those few words, I look forward to the contribution from the Hon. Ann Bressington in terms of the government's contribution tonight and, as I say, the Greens will be supporting this motion.



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