While many countries including Belgium, Canada, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal and parts of the United States have legalised medical cannabis, Australia lags behind.

Many Australians with epilepsy, cancer and other terminal illnesses and conditions are suffering needlessly because we are dragging our feet.

While New South Wales is leading the way in Australia through clinical medical cannabis trials that are currently underway, South Australia is sitting on the sidelines. The premiers of Victoria and Queensland have similarly pledged to participate in the trials, while South Australians who are terminally ill or have life-threatening conditions continue to suffer.

The Greens are concerned that the situation could result in medical refugees and are calling on the Weatherill Labor Government to stop sitting on the sidelines on this issue by letting South Australians participate in the trials and by issuing directives to police and child protection authorities allowing them to use appropriate discretion where a sick person or their family is sourcing medical cannabis options – a directive that is already being applied interstate.

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