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The Greens have welcomed the news that Antony Condina of GD Pharma has been awarded a licence for manufacturing Medical Cannabis products here in South Australia, but have warned that until SA sees similar approvals to ‘grow our own’ for approved manufacturers the price will continue to drive patients underground. Greens Health spokesperson, Tammy Franks MLC, has renewed calls for an amnesty for those patients turning to the black market in the face of no meaningful access to a legal source.

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Labor's Cuts to Uni Council Membership Shafts Staff and Students

The Greens have condemned the Labor Weatherill Government’s cuts to student and staff numbers on Adelaide and Flinders University Councils as “an attack on industrial and university democracy.” The move to cut these positions on Council was strongly opposed by the NTEU and student representatives. 

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Minister Must Step Up and Save TAFE

With ASQA issuing a notice of “intention to remove or suspend” 16 TAFE SA qualifications unless TAFE SA improve their courses, the Greens have renewed their calls for the Weatherill Government to rescue TAFE from the failings of corporatisation.

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Greens Health spokesperson, Tammy Franks MLC said today’s long overdue state government announcement for action on Borderline Personality Disorder was “far too late and still far too little”.

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Latest Training Scandal ‘Tip Of The Iceberg’: TAFESA Needs Urgent Overhaul And Ombudsman

The Greens have backed Opposition calls for action on the revelations about TAFE SA aircraft maintenance engineer training at Parafield but have added that an audit of just this course ‘won’t go far enough’. 

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Labor Has Dropped The Ball On Ticket Scalping

Greens SA MP, Tammy Franks MLC has said that Minister Bignell’s late call to declare major event status for the upcoming AFL Adelaide Oval finals games “shows the Weatherill Labor government has dropped the ball on ticket scalping.”

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Dewnr More Concerned With Digging Itself Out Of PR Hole Than Wombats Being Buried Alive

Greens’ Animal Welfare spokesperson, Tammy Franks MLC has slammed the state Environment Department’s official media responses to allegations wombats have been buried alive in their burrows on a Murraylands property. The wombats’ homes have allegedly been filled in, in order to destroy them, which is not only inhumane but explicitly illegal. 

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SA Should Follow QLD Lead On Industrial Manslaughter Laws

Greens Industrial Relations spokesperson Tammy Franks MLC has renewed the call for South Australia to pass Industrial Manslaughter laws, following an announcement from the Queensland government.

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August 14, 2017

Greens Health and Substance Abuse spokesperson, Tammy Franks MLC said measures recently announced by Opposition Leader, Steven Marshall to use sniffer dogs in schools as part of his Winning the War on Drugs policy are “dopey, ineffective and expensive”.

“The announcement from the Liberal Party on the weekend might be populist but it won’t bring real solutions to the serious challenges of curbing drug abuse,” Ms. Franks said. “We already know sniffer dogs are costly and ineffective; this new Liberal policy is misguided. They should be looking at solutions to get our kids help when they need, getting them back on track, not setting them off on a path of exclusion.

“Parents confronted with a teen child abusing drugs and alcohol want support, interventions and programs not dogs roaming their child’s school halls. This expensive operation could be better spent on getting help to kids in need.

“Drug detection dogs are not only expensive but they are also ineffective, over half the time their detection doesn’t even work. A report by the NSW Ombudsman in 2006 found that 73% of people identified by sniffer dogs were not actually carrying drugs.*

“If the Liberal Leader is declaring a ‘war on drugs’ then it’s time for thinking South Australians to declare a war on stupid. The so-called war on drugs approach is a relic of Reaganism that doesn’t work in stemming substance abuse in society but does make criminals out of people with a health issue. We want smart solutions to support parents and teens with the health challenges of drug abuse not some ‘tough on’ slogan that doesn’t get people help when they need it.

“Adding insult to ignorance, the call has been made only for public schools at this stage and was done without proper consultation with those school communities to ask their considered solutions to keeping their kids healthy and free from harm,” she concluded.


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10 August 2017

With details emerging that voters may have only fourteen days to update or enrol to vote should the ‘optional postal plebiscite’ go ahead, more than 54,000* South Australians may not have their voices heard according to Greens Gender and Sexuality spokesperson, Tammy Franks MLC.

Ms. Franks urged those voters to enrol or update their details urgently so they can show their support for marriage equality.

“The Greens will also continue to fight for the parliament to legislate for marriage equality as matter of urgency,” Ms. Franks said, “but if it does come down to a postal plebiscite, younger voters in particular may be denied their voice if their details are out of date or if they’re not enrolled.

“It could be first time voters who make all the difference here. Polling shows more than 80% of 18 – 24 year olds support marriage equality; that’s a lot of ‘yes’ votes that could be lost if they aren’t on the roll.

“Update your address details or enrol at the AEC website now; it only takes a few minutes. Marriage equality is an issue of fairness and a powerful way to show that discrimination and homophobia cannot be tolerated,” Ms Franks concluded.

Checking enrolment details or enrolling for the first time can be done easily via the Australian Electoral Commission website (

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