SA Greens Animal Welfare Spokesperson, Tammy Franks MLC, has labelled the plan for an independent inspector for live exports as ‘a plea bargain that is far too little and far too late’, again calling for a ban on the trade, including an urgent exit plan to end this animal cruelty and a boost for local meat processing jobs.

Ms Franks said: “The live export business model is fundamentally broken: the inbuilt cruelty of long journeys that see animals literally bake or starve to death in a pool of filth is just wrong.

“This latest plea bargain to put in an independent inspector should be called out for the sham that it is. It has time and time again been Animals Australia and other NGOs exposing the cruelty and not the system itself.  

“Putting in someone to independently watch live export operations now is like standing outside a locked car on a hot day to time how long the dog locked inside would take to die.

“An exit plan leading to a ban on live export would not only be better for animal welfare, but would benefit the South Australian economy in general. We can assist local farmers and meat processing facilities to restructure their operations and facilities to expand local slaughter operations and increase the marketing of chilled and frozen products – which is a much larger sector than live exports. That is where any investment should be made.

“South Australian chilled meat sheep exports are worth 20 times more than live sheep exports, while we have capacity in SA to process every live sheep that’s exported plus another 1.4 million sheep per year. So when we export this cruelty we also export our local jobs,” Ms Franks said.

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