Labor Puts First Nations Last in Dump Debate


Today in SA Parliament, Greens MLC, Tammy Franks asked the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation, Kyam Maher, why the voices of the 32 Aboriginal communities who have already said no to a high level waste dump proposal were being ignored.


“Having failed to get the go ahead from the second citizen’s jury Premier Weatherill is now trying to push on with a Referendum but has stated he will give Traditional Owners a veto after the fact” Ms Franks said.  

“Asking Aboriginal communities last is simply not good enough.

“Offering them the scraps of a ‘veto’ once the debate is done and dusted when they have already said no is not just disrespectful it’s also duplicitous.

“The citizen’s jury observed that 32 Aboriginal communities have already been asked and have already said no. How many more times do they have to say no before Labor will finally listen?

“If the Weatherill Labor Government were serious about true consent and consensus in this debate they would have ensured the Traditional Owners of the areas where this high level waste dump will potentially be built to be asked first not last in their proposed Referendum process” Ms Franks concluded.

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