Labor & Liberals Reject Inquiry into SA Greyhound Racing

Labor and Liberal combined to defeat a Greens motion for a Parliamentary Inquiry into the South Australian Greyhound Racing Industry. The motion had the support of the Greens, Xenophon Team and Dignity for Disability MPs.

Ms Franks said: “Once again, SA Labor, this time, supported by the SA Liberals, have put animal welfare last and backed an industry shrouded in secrecy. 

“While eastern seaboard states and territories have inquired into this industry and two of those, NSW and the ACT, will ban it from 2017, the SA Government continues to claim there’s no evidence of cruelty but will not support the very tool that would expose cruelty if it were occurring – an inquiry. Talk about having a two-way bet!

“It took tens of thousands of people writing letters, signing petitions and making it known that South Australians care about the lives of greyhounds to have Greyhound Racing South Australia finally release a document today disclosing the figures of greyhounds bred, raced and killed in one year (2015-16). The figures released are neither independently verified nor are they long term yet the projection over coming years is for a vast reduction in the rates of dogs put to death.

“One year and a wish-list, however aspirational, is not actually proof of a trend and it should not be good enough to have the industry act as its own watchdog. 

“We were asking for an inquiry, not a witch hunt. Labor and Liberal MPs should have opened up this industry to ensure transparency today, without that it will limp along lacking in public trust.

“The motion was lost today but this race is not yet run. I will bring legislation forward in coming weeks to ensure that GRSA has to report accurately and annually on the number of dogs bred, raced, euthanised and of course needlessly killed, the public backs this position. Let’s hope the next time so does the Parliament” Ms Franks concluded.

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