Kirbee O’Grady

May 15 2013

Adjourned debate on motion of Hon. A.M. Bressington:

That this council urges—

1. The Attorney-General to refer the untimely death of Kirbee Loui se O'Grady, who died on 19 July  2012, to the Coroner for coronial inquest; and

2. The Attorney-General to request an inquiry into all the circumstance s leading up to Kirbee Louise O'Grady' s death including, but not limited to:

(a) allegations of sexual assault;

(b) issues pertaining to the investigation and case management of the matter by the police;

(c) the decision of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) not to proceed to trial;

(d) effectiveness of the support and follow-up process of the DPP pre and post-trial, including when matters do not go to trial; and

(e) any other circumstances that contributed to the death of Kirbee Louise O' Grady.


(Continued from 10 April 2013.)

Hidden_SpeechHidden_SpeechThe Hon. T.A. FRANKS (16:28): I rise on behalf of the Greens to indicate that we will be supporting this motion today and our disappointment that the government has chosen simply to reiterate the words that it has presented to us today without due consideration to the independence of the advice that it has been given. Anyone who has read the files can see that Kirbee was not only failed by the processes, she was probably also failed by the existing laws.

There is clear need for particularly vulnerable children to be afforded better protections with regards to child abuse in this state. We have a long way to go. Yes, we have come some way but there is a lot that we could do a lot better, and the Greens believe that any such measures that are taken to keep us continuing down that path are worthy of support. We commend the Hon. Ann Bressington for raising these issues in this place, because we do not see these issues being addressed by government. While I welcome the opposition's support for some sort of an independent review, I challenge the shadow attorney-general to ensure, should he be the attorney in a year's time, that we are not here debating another Independent member's call for this to be looked at, but that in fact it is being led by the government of the day.


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